e-portfolios for teaching and learning

What is an e-portfolio?


An e-portfolio is a digital presentation of student learning experiences and/or evidence of learning achievements, across a single or multiple modules, projects or an entire programme.

The digital presentation of student learning experiences and achievements may include:

  • Written or audio-recorded reflections
  • Evidence of attainment, such as checklists or practitioner signatures
  • Images of completed work or work-in-progress
  • Videos and other multimedia

Unlike a paper portfolio, the use of an e-portfolio requires reliance on underlying tools or systems to provide certain types of access, sorting, review, and export of the digital content. Additionally, different assessment contexts, subject disciplines and/or employer requirements may negate different approaches to the use of various technology options, to ensure students, administrators, assessors and/or employers have the necessary flexibility to manage content according to their needs. For example, the method of collation, curation, giving and receiving of feedback may dictate the technology selection.


Which e-portfolio product should I select?

There are several tools that can be used as e-portfolios; these have common capabilities that are encompassed in this downloadable comparison table, please note, this resource signposts where certain technologies are fully supported by CQSD. Before committing to the use of an e-portfolio product for teaching and learning, it is recommended to speak with a member of the TEL team for an initial consultation that includes a functional introduction and pedagogic guidance.

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