Ultra: Presenting files to students

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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA

There are two main ways you can present files to students:

  • Directly on the Course Content page.
  • Inside a Document.

For either option you can:

  • upload your content from your local computer (using drag and drop)
  • use Batch Edit to make the file(s) visible/invisible to students
  • use Folders and Learning modules to organise the files
  • add videos via YuJa.

Presenting files directly in Course Content

It is possible to use the Add Content menu to Upload or Copy content directly to the Course Content.

Screen shot of files in the Course Content


  • Copy your content directly from other courses (this not possible inside a Document).


  • A large number of files will create a long the Course Content.

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Presenting files in a Document

In Ultra, Documents replace Items in Blackboard Original. These can be formed from a number of sections, and material presented in a variety of ways. A Document appears as one item in the Course Content.

Screenshot of Ultra Document in Course Content

Files can be uploaded direct to the Document (1) or attached to a content section which includes text, images, links etc. (2).

screenshot of an example document with materials available to students. (1) refers to the uploaded file and (2) to the attached file in a content section


  • The files appear in the Course Content as one item.
  • Documents give you flexibility in how you display materials to the students.


  • It is not possible to copy files directly from another course/organisation into a document.

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YuJa videos

The YuJa Chooser LTI tool can be used to add videos to the Course Content or into a Document.

Presenting videos in Course Content

To add a YuJa video to the Course Content select Content Market from the add content menu and use the YuJa Media Chooser LTI tool to find and select the video you wish to embed.

Screenshot of YuJa video in Course Content

Presenting videos in a Document

To add a YuJa video to a Document you will have to add it into a content section, select Content Market from the Plus menu and use the YuJa Media Chooser LTI tool to find and select the video you wish to embed.

Screenshot of YuJa video inside a content section in an Document

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