Template for Guides (with instructions)

This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA

About the page (H2)

This article can be used as a template when creating a new guide. For accessibility guidance, please visit Creating accessible online content link.

Contents on this page (H2)

Please consider creating page anchors to help the reader jump straight to the headings. Page anchors work like “Content Table” which help improve page accessibility.

How to copy this article (H3)

  1. Click “Copy a new draft” located under “Publish” block on the right-hand side of this page.
    Screenshot creating a new draft

    Screenshot showing how to create a new draft of an article

  2. A confirmation message will be displayed at the top of the page
  3. Start editing the article.
    • Edit Article Title
    • Edit permalink (click “Edit”, then “OK”. Permalink will be updated to reflect article title)
    • Update Category
    • Edit Content
      Screenshot editing title and hyperlink

      Screenshot showing how to edit article title and hyperlink

  4. Now, go ahead, save article as Draft or Publish when ready.

How to create page anchor (H3)

Option 1: (Recommended)

Use text editor formatting options to create page anchors

Step 1: Select the text, click “insert/edit link” (Ctrl+K)

screenshot Insert hyper link

Step 2: Add target anchor ID (e.g. #all-videos)

Screenshot insert hyper link step 2

Step 3: select the target link text, click “insert” –> “Anchor”

Screenshot insert anchor

Step 4: insert “Anchor” ID without #


Option 2: 

This approach requires basic HTML skills.

  • Use this sample code to create anchor links <a href=”#section1″>Go to Section 1</a> – <h3 id=”section1″>Section 1</h3>

Option 3: (not recommended)

Create a shareable link that goes directly to specific highlighted text on a page. The disadvantage to this approach is, if the content of the page have been updated, the shared link pointing to that particular will no longer work.

  • Open your guide in standard view (not in preview mode)
  • Use  “Copy link to highlight” feature to collect URL of the heading or target location
  • Insert link on your guide wherever required

Support and Feedback

You will find answers to some technical queries by searching for YuJa in the Service Desk Knowledge Base.

If you need further assistance please feel free to raise a support ticket via the Self Service Portal.

To report a problem with this page, request alternative formats or to make suggestions please contact us.

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