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Create a Learning Module

Features of Learning Modules

Learning Modules are a way of organising materials on an Ultra course or organisation. They can be used in conjunction with Folders and Ultra Documents. See the guide Content Containers in Blackboard Learn Ultra for more details.

  • Learning Modules can have an image uploaded to enhance their appearance.
  • A Learning Module can contain multiple Folders, but a Folder cannot contain a Learning Module.
  • Forward and back arrows in the student view allow students to move from item to item within a Learning Module.
  • The ‘Force Sequence’ option is available for Learning Modules only. It dictates that students complete the items in order.
  • When Progress Tracking is on Learning Modules will show the progress in the student’s view.
    • Not started screenshot of Learning Module progress bar (Start button Force Sequence only)
    • Continue (with a progress bar) screen shot of Learning Module process bar
    • Completed screenshot of Learning Module process bar

Create a Learning Module

Step 1: Go to the point inside a on the Course Content are, where you would like to add the Learning Module.

Step 2: Hover over the dividing line until a plus sign icon appears, click on the plus sign icon to open the Add Content menu.

Step 3: Select Create from the Add Content menu. The Create Content Panel will open on the right-hand side.

Step 4: Select Learning Module. Complete all the sections on the Create Learning Module panel and Save.

Please note: If Learning Modules are not an option in the Create menu, you may be in a Learning Module or Folder. It is only possible to create a Learning Module directly on the Course Content area, at the top level.

Create Learning Module panel

screenshot of Learning Module create panel

  1. At the top of the panel add the name of your Learning Module
  2. Change the setting “Hidden from students” at this point or later from the course content
  3. Add a Description – this text will appear on the Learning Module in the course content
  4. Add Image – if you decide not to add an image a Learning Module icon will appear

screenshot of Learning module with and without an image.

  1. Check the box to turn on Forced Sequence (optional).  See our guide on Forced Sequence for further details.
  2. Save

This will create a Learning Module, which you can add content to.

screenshot of Learning module open with forced sequence on.

  1. When Forced Sequence is on a start button will appear on the Learning Module.
  2. The Learning Module can be opened using the arrows on the right-hand side.  When opened it will reveal the contents.
  3. When Force Sequence is turned on, the content can only be accessed by students in the prescribed order. In the student’s view a padlock icon will appear next to material not yet available to them.

Guide last updated on February 5, 2024

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