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Content Containers in Ultra: Learning Modules, Folders and Documents

There are three main containers in Blackboard Learn Ultra that will help to organise your materials.

When organising your materials know that there are only two levels in Learn Ultra course structure.

Screen Shot of Learning Module marked and Level 1 containing a Folder, marked as level 2

Learning Modules and Folders

Learning Modules and Folders are both ways of organising materials on an Ultra course or organisation. They can both contain Documents, Folders and other types of content, but they differ in a few ways.

Screenshot of Learning Module and Folder


  • Learning Modules can have an image uploaded to enhance their appearance.
  • A Learning Module can contain multiple Folders, but a Folder cannot contain a Learning Module.
  • Learning Modules forward and back arrows allow students to move from item to item without returning to the Course Content list.
  • The ‘Force Sequence’ option is available for Learning Modules only.
  • When Progress Tracking is on Learning Modules will show the progress in the student’s view.
    • Not started screenshot of Learning Module progress bar (Start button Force Sequence only)
    • Continue (with a progress bar) screen shot of Learning Module process bar
    • Completed screenshot of Learning Module process bar


  • Both can contain a Folder (but contents can only go two levels deep)
  • Both can contain any other item types including Documents, Files, assessments and media.

Guide: Create Folders

Guide: Create Learning Modules

Ultra Documents

To help organise material in level two Ultra Documents can be used in place of folders.  Ultra documents can be built up with a number of blocks to display information in an attractive and accessible way.  The block options are:

  • Upload – Files can be uploaded directly on to the Document, they will open inside the Document.
  • Content editor – Using the editor text, links images and embedded YuJa videos can be added.
  • HTML Block – Using the HTML editor embed codes from third party tools such as MS Forms, Padlet or Box of Broadcasts.
  • Content Collection – It is possible to add content saved in the content collection.

screenshot of Ultra Document

Guide: Create an Ultra Document

Guide last updated on April 26, 2024

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