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Gradebook: Post Student Marks

To allow students to view their marks and feedback for Blackboard internal assessment tools such as, Assignments, Discussions, Journals and manually marked Tests, you need to Post Marks in the Gradebook or the assessment submission list.

NB* For summative assessment programme administrators will Post Marks when all the marks are in and the agreed marking Turn-around-Time has been reached.

You can do this for the whole assignment in Gradebook list view from the overview level.

Post marks in Gradebook

List View

From the Gradebook list view the Post Mark(s) buttons will be available once there are marks to post.

  1. The number of papers submitted will be listed in the item column.
  2. All Marked in the marking status column means that all the submitted papers have been marked
  3. When the status column still indicates that there are papers to be marked, it is still possible to post any marks already given.

Grid View

From the grid view it is possible to post marks for the whole column if you click on the column icon.

  • The marks will be visible to students in their Gradebook.
  • If a student has not yet submitted they will not see a mark and can still submit.
  • If a student submits late their marks will not be visible to student until they are posted.

From the grid view it is also possible to post individual marks for specific papers, without posting all the marks, even if they are available.

  • To post individual marks click on the mark and select Post from the content menu.

Post marks in Submission list

Open the assessment from the Course Content or the Gradebook, select the submissions list, from there you can either select Post all marks, for the whole assignment or post individual marks for students.

Highlighting Post Marks for one student or Post All Marks button at top of submissions list.

Post marks while marking

For formative assessment it is possible to post the marks directly from the Marking screen.

Guide last updated on February 27, 2024

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