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Gradescope: Giving students extra time

As with Blackboard tests, where students are allowed additional time for assessments, you can grant extensions to individual students in Gradescope.

Typically you will do this for each assignment, but it is also possible to give a student extra time for all future assignments in a course.

Give students an extension for an assignment

Go into the specific assignment, then choose Extensions from the left hand menu.

Click on Add an Extension.

Add an Extension for an Assignment

Now select the student from the drop-down list.

Add an Extension - select student

Tick the box next to Maximum Time Permitted.

Tick the second radio button and enter the number of extra minutes this student is entitled to.

Add an Extension in minutes

Give students an extension at course level

Go into the course, then choose Extensions from the left hand menu.

Click on Add an Extension, and follow the same procedure as above.

Add Extension at course level

For more, see the Gradescope article: Extending time limits

Editing extensions

To edit or delete an extension, go back to the Extensions page.

Under the EDIT column, click on the Pencil icon to edit, or the Bin icon to delete the extension.

Edit an Extension

If circumstances require it, you can edit student extensions at any point, including if the student has already started the assignment (or even if the time limit has already expired).

Guide last updated on April 9, 2021

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