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Gradescope: set up a Rubric

Once you have created a Gradescope assignment and set up the Outline the marking Rubric for the assignment can be defined.

This will be the responsibility of the module convener, or lead marker for the exam.

Design and plan your marking rubric

You are responsible for deciding if there are specific point awards or penalties you want to include, as well as the wording of any descriptors.

You will construct your rubric as you are marking, by adding rubric items.

  • Are you going to use a positive or negative scoring rubric?
  • What will you be awarding or removing marks for?

For guidance about constructing rubrics please see the Gradescope guide on Rubric Basics.

Managing rubrics

Rather than waiting till you start marking, you can Set up your rubric in advance

You can also reuse rubrics between assignments and between questions – see Copying Rubrics

Guide last updated on March 11, 2022

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