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Gradescope: Set up your rubric in advance

You may wish to create your marking rubric before students have submitted.

Create an Assignment

When creating the Assignment under Create Your Rubric check the box Before student submission. 

Gradescope Assignment set up screen section Create Your Rubric with the options 1. Before student submission and 2. While grading submissions

Set the Outline

Once the Create Assignment button is clicked the Assignment Outline page will open.

Set the Outline as usual.

Set Gradescope Assignment Outline page.

Create a Rubric

When you have saved your outline the Create Rubric page will open.

Create a rubric page, without a submission.

Now you can create your Rubric.  Alternatively you can come back to this page at a later time to create the Rubric, without any submissions.

The option to Create Rubric will be available from the left-hand side menu when you click on the Assignment from the dashboard.

Manage submissions page showing no submissions and the Create Rubric option on the left-hand side menu

If appropriate, you can reuse the Rubric from one question on other questions – in the same assignment, or in any assignment in any course where you are the Instructor.

Please see Copying Rubrics.

Guide last updated on May 6, 2022

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