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Tests in Blackboard Ultra: Key changes

There are some key differences between Blackboard Tests in Blackboard Learn original and Blackboard Learn Ultra.


The Blackboard Ultra Courses includes new terminology that aligns with current standards.

This table lists the names of assessment question features in the two course views.

Ultra Course View Original Course View
Question pool Random block and question set
Question bank Question pool
Question analysis Item analysis

Question Banks

Question Bank are the new name for Pools in original.  These are collections of questions that can be reused in multiple tests. You can:

  • pull questions into your bank from tests you have set up in Ultra or an original test you have copied into your Ultra course.
  • or set up questions directly in the question bank to deploy in a test.


Pools are the new name for Question Sets or Random Blocks in original. Pools are a setting you can use when creating a test. The Pools setting allows you to select Question Bank and set how many question from that bank you wish to present to students.

Question Type changes



Copies into Ultra as

Calculated Formula  Calculated Formula Question Calculated Formula Question
Calculated Numeric  Calculated Numeric Question Calculated Numeric Question
Either/Or  True/False Question
Essay  Essay Question Essay Question
File Response Does not copy
Fill in Multiple Blanks Fill in the Blank Question

(can add multiple blanks)

Fill in the Blank Question

(with multiple blanks)

Fill in the Blank Fill in the Blank Question Fill in the Blank Question
Hotspot Hotspot Question Hotspot Question
Jumbled Sentence Does not copy
Matching Matching Question Matching Question
Multiple Answer Multiple Choice Question

(can select multiple correct answers)

Multiple Choice Question

(with multiple correct answers selected)

Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Question Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
Opinion Scale / Likert Does not copy
Ordering  Does not copy
Quiz Bowl Does not copy
Short Answer Essay Question
True/False True/False Question True/False Question

Please note that Blackboard Learn Ultra is regularly updated with improvements and enhancements. The information on this page will reflect these updates.

See also Blackboard Help page on Question Types.

Guide last updated on February 5, 2024

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