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Schools with single submission points: Blackboard assignments

The EMA Integration will create Blackboard assignments in the Course Content area, they will appear at the bottom of the page.
Programme Administrators will need to move these into the correct Assignment folder e.g. Assessment > Assignment 1.

This guide takes you through the settings you should apply when creating a summative Blackboard assignment.

For help with the mechanics of creating a Blackboard assignment, please see Create an Assignment and Assignment Settings.

Submission point settings

  • Due date: the official due date and time will have been set by the EMA Integration.
  • Prohibit late submissions: No – do not tick
  • Prohibit new attempts after due date: No – do not tick
  • Attempts allowed: unlimited
  • Anonymous marking – Hide student names: Yes by default, (not available when Groups are assigned)
  • Post assessment marks automatically: leave unticked
  • Visibility: Release Conditions will have been applied by the Integration
    • Show on: due date and time as set in RISIS
      By default, students will see the assignment listed in the Assessment content area, but will not be able to open it before the ‘Show on’ date.
    • Hide after: leave unticked

Marking workflow

Markers and administrators can access submitted work via the Gradebook, or by going directly to the Blackboard assignment.

When all on-time submissions have been marked (15 working days) the Programme Administrator will Post marks.

  • This removes anonymity – all student names now visible, including those whose work has not been marked.
  • Marks and feedback are visible to students, via the Gradebook or directly from the Blackboard assignment.
  • If any submissions have not yet been marked, these can still be marked without being visible to the student – these marks will need to be Posted separately when ready.

Hiding / showing Blackboard assignments

  • Setting the assignment visibility to ‘Hidden’ also hides the corresponding Gradebook column. For coursework this should only be necessary in exceptional circumstances.
  • Students who have submitted should always be able to see their submission, and their marks and feedback, once marks have been Posted.
  • Assignments created by the EMA integration will be set to become visible 4 weeks before the due date. By default these will have the ‘Show’ option ticked, and Administrators should not change that setting.
    Show = All course members can see this item in the content list, but they can’t open it until all release conditions are met
    i.e. students see that the assignment exists, but cannot access it until the set date.

Releasing marks

  • You can Post marks for
    • all marked work
    • selected students.

Guide last updated on July 12, 2024

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