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Create an Assignment

Where the Mode of Submission is Blackboard Assignment (Individual, Presentation or Group) the RISIS to Blackboard integration will created the Blackboard Assignment submission point.

There are a few occasions you may need to create a Blackboard Assignment submission point manually they are:

  • Formative Assessment
  • Mode of submission – Multipart Submission
  • Mode of submission – Flexible Assessment
  • Mode of submission – Blackboard Rolling Deadlines

Create an Assignment Manually

To create a Blackboard assignment, click on the Add Content (+ sign) icon, then Create.

Screenshot of the Add Content options, with Create highlighted.

Under ‘Assessment’ select Assignment.

Screenshot of Create Item panel with the Assignment option highlighted.

The new assignment page will open with a settings panel on the right-hand side. In the main page:

  1. Provide a Name for the assignment,
  2. If required – click on the plus sign icon and select “add text” to add any instructions.

Please see our guide on add text and files to an Assignment or Test.

screenshot of New Assignment page

The plus sign menu includes all the question types available in Blackboard Tests.

  1. The option to allow students to add content at the end of assessment is only available if you do add a question.

screenshot of Allow students to add content option.

Assignment Settings

Use the right-hand side panel to edit the Assignment Settings to set the due date, anonymous marking, number of attempts allowed etc.

See our guide on Ultra Assignment Settings for further details.

Assignment visibility

By default all new assignments are created ‘Hidden from Students’.

You will need to change this to ‘Visible to Students’ or use ‘Release Conditions’ to set when the assignment will become visible to students.

Guide last updated on January 26, 2024

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