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Turnitin: Annotate a paper with comments and QuickMarks

When looking at a student’s paper in the Turnitin Feedback Studio you will see the blue instructor feedback toolbar on the right hand side.

Highlighting Instructor feedback toolbar

Adding QuickMarks

Quickmarks are re-usable comments that have been saved in your personal library.

You can either:

1.    Open the QuickMarks section of the right-hand panel.

2.    Drag an existing QuickMark onto the appropriate place in the student’s paper.

QuickMarks being added to a page


1.    Left Click anywhere on the paper, then select the QuickMarks tool. 

2.    Choose which QuickMark set you want to use. Click the name of the set displayed at the top of the pop-up to open the drop down menu.

Adding QuickMark catagory

3.    The QuickMarks available in a particular set are displayed. Click on the QuickMark you want to insert

QuickMark Set

4.    The QuickMark appears in the paper, check the text and scroll to the bottom to add a custom comment

5.    Click on the Delete bin icon, to remove a QuickMark.

Deleting a QuickMark comment

6.    If you add a custom comment, a speech bubble is added next to the QuickMark title

Custom Comment Icon

Adding a Comment

1.    Left Click anywhere on the paper, then select the Comment tool.

Where to click to add a comment

2.    Type your comment in the popup text box.

Type your comment box

3.    You can convert the Comment into a QuickMark if you plan on re-using it.

a.    Click on the Convert to QuickMark link.

b.    Give it a Title and choose which a QuickMark Set to add it to.

c.    Click Save.

Convert a comment to QuickMark process

Highlighted text and add a Comment or QuickMark

1.    Click and drag over the text you want to highlight. When you release your mouse button the inline feedback pop up appears.

2.    Click either the QuickMark or Comment button to associate this to the highlighted text.

How to add a QuickMark to a highlighted area

3.    In the QuickMark or Comment pop up box, click the Colour button in the top right corner to choose the colour of the highlight.

Colour Coding QuickMarks

Link a QuickMark or Comment to a Rubric criterion

If you are using a Rubric, you can associate your QuickMark or Comment to the appropriate Rubric criterion. Click on the QuickMark or Comment to open it.

1.    Click on ‘Assign Criterion’

2.    Pick the required criterion from the list shown.

3.    A Rubric icon is added to the title of the QuickMark or Comment to show it has been added.

Assign Criteria WindowIcon to show linked to rubric


If using both functions “Assign to Rubric” and “Convert to QuickMark” please convert to a QM before assigning to a Rubric.

Assigning to the Rubric first may cause a phantom comment to appear.

screen shot of Rubric showing two assigned comments where there should only be one.

Inline Comment

These are text comments which can be placed to appear directly on the page around the original text.

1.    Click anywhere on the student’s paper

2.    Select the Inline icon

Selecting an Inline comment

3.   Type your comment.

Inline comment on page

Strikethrough Text

This allows you to place a line through a selected passage of text.

1.    Highlight a section of text.

2.   Select the Strike icon.

Selecting a Strikethrough comment

To delete an Inline text comment, or strikethrough, hover over the text, then click on the Delete bin icon.

How to delete a comment

Guide last updated on September 2, 2022

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