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Add text and files to an Assignment or Test

When creating a Blackboard Ultra Assignment or Test, you can provide information or instructions for your students. This could simply be text typed into Blackboard, but could also incorporate images, hyperlinks, and uploaded files.

What should this area be used for?

This content is only visible to students once they have started the assessment. Therefore it is not a suitable place to put information which students need access to before starting an assessment. It is a suitable space to use for

  • a reminder about what / how students should be submitting
  • question papers or other content which students should only see once they have started an assessment – for instance a timed test.

How to add content

To add text or other content, when creating or editing the assessment, click on the + icon.

Screenshot showing where to click to add text to Ultra assignment

Because Blackboard Assignments and Tests in Ultra share many of the same characteristics, you see the option to add test questions to the assignment. To add instructions, select Add text.

Screenshot of the Add Content to Assessment options, with Add text highlighted.

Type the desired text in the editing window that appears.

You can also click on ‘Attachment’ (the paper clip icon) to upload files, e.g. a Word or PDF file, in this area.

Screenshot of the editing window, highlighting the 'Attachment' icon.

Screenshot of a Blackboard assessment with a Word document embedded in the instructions.

Press Save when done.

Inserting media

If you have a timed assessment which requires students to listen to an audio file or watch a video, you can use the ‘Attachment’ option to upload and insert the file here.

Screenshot of a Blackboard assessment with a Word document and audio file embedded in the instructions.

The adjacent ‘Add Content’ option (+ icon) allows you to insert media files from outside Blackboard

  • Add Image / Add Media – copy and paste the URL of the external media
  • YuJa – select Content Market and then YuJa Media Chooser
  • YouTube video – search by video title or URL.

These options may not be suitable if it is important that students cannot access the audio or video file before they begin the test.

Guide last updated on January 26, 2024

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