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Add Content from the Content Collection

The Blackboard Content Collection is a content management system which allows you to upload files to a central location, then make these accessible to students on multiple courses or organisations – updating the file in the Content Collection automatically updates the information visible to students on those courses and organisations.

Adding files from the Content Collection

When adding content in the content area, hover over the divider line where you would like to add the content and click on the plus icon to reveal the Add Content menu.

The last option on the Add Content menu is Content Collection.

You can use the Add Content – Content Collection option to add files or Reusable Objects stored in the Content Collection to your Course Content.

When you click on Content Collection the Browse Content Collection window will open and you can locate your files.

Browse to the desired area: Course Content, Organisation Content or Institution Content.

Drill down to locate the files or reusable objects you require. Select the file or files and press Submit.

The files and reusable objects will appear on a list in the Content Collection page. Click save in the bottom right-hand corner.

They will then be added to your Course Content. From there it is possible to make them visible to student and use the edit options to:

  • Change the name of the file that will appear in the Course.
    If inserting a Reusable Object, you should delete the .html from the end of the filename.
  • Add a description

If you insert files such as PDFs or Word documents from the Content Collection, these will open as normal inside your Ultra course or organisation.

HTML files will always open in a new browser window.

Reusable Objects

Reusable Objects are HTML files (web pages) stored in the Content Collection. Examples are the information provided to students about online exams, or about Exceptional Circumstances requests.

When a student clicks on a link to a Reusable Object it will appear in a new browser tab:

screenshot of a ULO displaying in new window

If you are inserting our standard Reusable Objects (for example, information for students with a pending Exceptional Circumstances request) into an Ultra course, please use the version in the Ultra folder: Institution Content > Reusable Objects > Ultra. These have been formatted to display correctly when opening in a new window.

Screenshot of the Ultra Reusable Objects folder

Guide last updated on January 2, 2024

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