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Forced Sequence

A useful feature of Learning Modules is the function Forced Sequence, this will allow you to release content to students in a pre-defined order so that students need to complete an item before moving on to the next.

Another function that will help to regulate the release of materials is Release Conditions where you can stipulate specific criteria for revealing materials. See our guide on Ultra: Release Conditions for further details.

Forced Sequence

One of the reasons that it is recommended that Learning Modules are used as your level one container for materials is that you have the option to use the Force Completion function, this is not currently available in Folders.

When you are creating or editing a Learning Module one of the options will be to check a box for Forced Sequence.

Screenshot of Forced Sequence check box in edit Learning Module window.

Check the box by clicking on it.

This will turn on Forced Sequence for that Learning Module.

Student View of Forced Sequence

When a student opens a Forced Sequence Learning Module they can see they work they need to do but can only access the first element.

All work not yet completed.

Student's view of Learning Module with Forced Sequence turned on

  • There are review status icons next to each item in the Learning Module.
  • For the first item it is an empty circle.
  • For each subsequent item the review status icon is a padlock to indicate that the material is not currently available.

A message will appear to students when they hover over the empty circle review status icon stating, “this item cannot be marked started until it is opened”.

screenshot of message to student

Working through the material

When the student opens the first item, in this case a PowerPoint file, the opened item shows on the screen and a forward arrow in the top right-hand corner indicates to the student that they can move on to the next item in the Learning Module.

The student can click on the arrow and open the second file without going back to the Course Content screen.

screenshot of forward arrow

For a file or Document opening the item will trigger it as being completed.

The review status icon will change to a green tick when the item is deemed to be completed.

Assessment or Discussions

For assessments or discussions the student will have to submit or post in order for that item to be deemed as complete and the next item revealed.

The review status icon will show as a half full circle if the item has been opened but not completed.  This will be in the case of assessment or discussions.

screen shot of incomplete item

When a Student hovers over an incomplete review status a message will appear stating “this item will be marked complete when a submission or post is made”.

This lets the student know that they have to submit or post to move on to the next item.

Completed Learning Module

When the student has completed the entire Learning Module it will be marked for them with a green tick that can be see without opening the Learning Module.

screenshot of completed Learning module

Progress Tracking

Instructors can use Progress Tracking to check on how their students are progressing through a learning Module.

Please see our guide on Progress Tracking for further details.

Guide last updated on February 23, 2024

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