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Mark Blackboard Ultra Tests

If your test is automatically marked Students will be able to receive their results at the time set for this.

If there are questions that require marking such as essay type questions, then you will need to mark these.

Access the Submitted tests

  1. Open the test by clicking on the test title in the Course Content or Gradebook list view.
  2. Go to Submissions by clicking on the submissions tab in the top menu bar.

Test Submissions area showing the filter to find submitted entries.

  1. You can choose to filter this view if marking as students submit.

Filtered menu view with drop down menu

Select to Mark by Student or Question

Select a student to start marking. The list of filters students will appear on the left side of the page.

You can choose to mark by student – marking all test

Mark by students whole page view

or by question – mark all students same question at once.

Mark by question view of student submissions.

Marking by question might be a personal preference, but it also might be useful if only a small number of questions in the test are manually marked.

Where you need to mark, add the mark to the grade box.

Add grade window

Knowing how students performed

You can choose to have a quick look over the rest of the student’s test to see how they have done, and change any marks where questions demand.

You can view the general student activity for the test

Student Activity in test

or look at the question analysis for the overview of test performance.

Question analysis screen for whole test.

Guide last updated on February 5, 2024

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