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Ultra Test Presentation

Test Presentation Options

Within the test settings are the Test Presentation Options. These can only be set when questions are added to the test.

Presentation Options section of Blackboard Tests settings

Display Questions

Choose to Display one question at a time.

You can only prohibit back tracking when this is set, as the test will display all questions by default.

 Close up of Display one question at a time option in Blackboard Tests settings.

Randomise Options

You can choose to randomise questions as well as using selective question pools.

You can randomise answers separate to the questions – this allows you to have a set order for questions, but each student will need to think through the order of the answers.

If you have added page breaks to tests, you can randomise these as well.

Tick ‘Do not randomise first page’ if you have page breaks and wish to keep a set first page.

Guide last updated on February 5, 2024

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