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Release Conditions

Release Conditions is an option on the visibility menu. All new content created or uploaded is Hidden from students by default.  This can be changed manually via the availability menu or Batch Edit (see guide on Batch Edit – visibility)

screenshot of availability menu

The availability menu gives the options:

  • Visible to students
  • Hidden from students
  • Release conditions

The availability menu is on every Learning Module, Folder, file, Document, Assessment etc. in the Course Content.

Release Conditions

Release Conditions will allow you to set the availability of the item depending certain conditions:

Specific members or groups

Under the option Specific members or groups you can select individuals on the course or a group set up on the course.

screenshot of specific members or groups Release Conditions screen

Select the members you wish to make the item available to by:

  1. selecting an individual student from the drop down list
  2. selecting a group from the drop down list
  3. use the Create a new group set link to create a new group

If you choose to create a new group you will be taken to the Create Group page, you will have to close this page to return to the Release Conditions panel to select that new group.

NB* Groups created via the assessment assign groups option will not appear on the dropdown list – please see our guide Using Groups in Release Conditions for further details.

Once you have selected your group or individuals select Save.

screenshot of Saving the Release Conditions panel

If you have not selected date or performance a statement will appear before the Save button explaining that “this item is visible in the content list to the members you have selected.  You can limit their access with date/time and performance conditions.

This makes it very clear that the visibility conditions will be effective immediately and there are no other conditions restricting student access.

Date and Time

The Date and Time option allows you to set the date and time that the item is available to students. When you have stipulated the date and time you are given the option of either show or hide the item before it is available.

  • Show – all course members can see this item in the content list, but they can’t open it until all release conditions are met
  • Hide – hidden items don’t appear in the content list until the conditions are met.

There are scenarios where you may want to chose either of these options.  For example if a test is being released at a specific time it may be reassuring to students to see the test before it is actually available for them to access.


The Performance option allows you to select any assessment on the course and stipulate the required mark to be achieved before the item becomes available to the individual students.

screenshot of Performance options in Release Conditions panel

The mark requirements will adjust to whichever assessment you have selected.

A range will appear in a list such a 50 or higher, 60 or higher etc. Select the point you want to stipulate as the trigger to allow access to the item you are placing this Release Condition on.

As before you will be given the option to allow students to see, but not access the item before they achieve the conditions or to leave it hidden until the conditions are met.

Guide last updated on February 23, 2024

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