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Using Groups in Release Conditions

Release conditions can be used on many items include assessment submission points in a Blackboard Ultra course. Please see our guide on Release Conditions for details on other criteria or conditions that can be set.

Group Release Conditions

Group release conditions allow you to restrict access to learning content or activities to specific groups or group sets.

  1. For any Learning Module, Folder, Assignment, Document or other activity that allows you to specify release conditions, use the option for Release Conditions under the Student Visibility options
    screenshot of selecting visibility to participants under a content item and selecting release conditions
  2. Under Groups, create new group sets or use the dropdown menu to select a group to release your content/activity toscreenshot of the release conditions, specifying group conditions and selecting which groups can see the content
  3. (Optional) Repeat to add further groups
  4. Save

Release Conditions Groups list

Groups that will be included in the dropdown list

Groups that have been created in the Groups area and are listed in the Groups area, which can be accessed via the top menu in your Ultra course.

Screenshot of Release Conditions Groups

Groups that will be excluded in the dropdown list

Groups that have been created when setting up an assignment, test or discussion will not be listed in the Release Conditions groups dropdown list.

Screenshot of Assigned Groups option in Bb Assignment Settings Panel

Assigning Release Conditions compatible Groups to assessment

When assigning groups to an assessment you will be able to reuse groups that have been created in the groups page (and are listed in the groups page).

When the create groups screen opens you can find the Reuse groups list by opening the Custom dropdown button.  Using a group from this list will ensure that it appears in the Release Conditions list.

Screenshot of Group set-up screen with the Reuse groups list

Guide last updated on February 23, 2024

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