Uploading to YuJa

What can you upload to YuJa?

  • Videos you’ve made in another program, such as PowerPoint or Camtasia.
  • Items from previous years which are useful to this year’s students, e.g. videos originally stored in Microsoft Stream.

See YuJa’s help article for a list of supported file types which can be uploaded to YuJa (opens in a new window).

You will need to export Recorded Powerpoints as MP4 files to then upload to YuJa. MS Teams recordings and other videos stored elsewhere may need to be downloaded in order to be then uploaded to YuJa.

If you have a video file in a non-supported format, you can use Handbrake or VLC Player (both available via Apps Anywhere) to convert files e.g. from MOV to MP4.

For help see the Handbrake Getting Started guide, or Convert Video File Format using VLC Media Player.

Resources such as Word documents or PDFs should not be uploaded to  YuJa – there is a risk that these files may be auto-deleted if they’re stored in YuJa. Students should continue to access non-video learning resources from Blackboard.

How to upload to YuJa

Locate your recordings

Log in to YuJa and assign Schema Tags

  • Log in to YuJa with your University of Reading credentials (logging in via Blackboard is recommended).
  • Choose Upload from the top options

Screenshot from reading.yuja.com showing the upload button highlighted in yellow.

  • Before transferring your video, you must assign it a ‘Schema Tag’. This ensures that the content is allocated the correct retention period in YuJa. Choose Add Schema Tags
  • Choosing the correct tag from the drop-down list:
    • If your videos has no students present (e.g. a screencast), choose Personal capture.
    • If your video is a recording of a student assessment (e.g. recording made of an in-class assessed presentation), choose Assessment.
    • If your video is a recording of a teaching session with students present (e.g. a Teams or Collaborate session), select Uncategorised.Add Schema Tags menu showing the Value dropdown Personal Capture, Assessment, Uncategorised
    • When you have chosen the correct tag, click Save.

Recorded teaching sessions featuring students from a previous academic year must not be shared with students from new cohorts.

  • Choose Browse to choose the video from your device. You can also drag and drop multiple files from your device into the Add Media window:
  • Your video will begin to upload and process immediately, and progress is shown bottom right of the screen:
    Yuja video upload in progressYuja video upload complete
  • When the file has finished uploading, the video will begin processing in YuJa – this may take some while to complete.
    Uploaded video now processing

Do not close the YuJa window while the video is uploading or the process will fail.
Once the upload is complete you can close the browser – YuJa will continue to process the video in the background.

Publishing your video to your module

  • Your videos can take a while to process, depending on the quality and length of the recording. You can however play back your video and make certain changes while it’s processing.
    Choose from the hover-over menu on the video thumbnail.
  • From this menu you can publish the video to your module so it’s easy for your students to find in their Blackboard menu:
    Screenshot from reading.yuja.com showing the Publishing option in the video menu

Always check copyright permissions before uploading commercially published or other third-party content to university systems; you can get advice from IMPS or the Library.

Guide last updated on March 17, 2023

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