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YuJa: Managing Your Media

When uploading your videos to YuJa you are met with a variety of options as to where to store and share your media.

This guide is designed to help you understand the various features you can use to share video content with your students within Blackboard and YuJa.


Publish your media to a module Course Channel. This remains the principal way to share classroom capture videos with your modules. You can also directly upload to this channel either in the classroom settings or uploading personal capture and other media when in the YuJa channel.

How to Publish Your Videos


Within a channel it is possible to create sub-channels. Media can be published here directly, or moved from the main module channel. This allows you to organise your Course Channel so students are able to find videos easily.


A playlist allows you to bring together any of your videos in a collated playlist. You can control the order the videos appear in. You can share the playlist link directly to students or embed the playlist within a Blackboard module.

Videos in a playlist do not necessarily have to be published to Course Channels.

To add content to a Playlist you can choose videos from within an existing content area - My Media or a folder. Select the videos and then Bulk Add to Playlist in the More actions tab.

More actions tab and Bulk add to Playlist button

You can then rearrange your videos so that they play in the desired order. This order is fixed for any viewer of the playlist.

Showing two videos being re-ordered. This is shown by one video appearing duplicated as it moves across the page.

You can add individual videos to the Playlist using the Add to Playlist option in the Actions Menu.

Add to Playlist options in the Action menu of Media Details.

Select More on a video > Actions > Add to Playlist. Choose the playlist and then Save.

Showing the select playlist list window and save button.

There are two main ways to share a playlist:

Direct Sharing

Open the playlist > More Actions > Get Link


In a playlist showing More actions get link button

From the link window copy the Direct Link and add to Blackboard Content. Anyone within the University who has the link will be able to view this, so this is suitable for sharing content within Blackboard Organisations so that any student can access the information.

Showing the direct and embed links

You can also use the embed code to embed the content in a Blackboard content area.

Using the YuJa Media Chooser

A better option to embed content is using the YuJa media chooser.

Open the YuJa Media chooser in a Blackboard and Select the Playlists option.

YuJa media chooser, selecting Playlist tab option and inserting the relevant playlist.

Select the Playlist to be embedded and click Insert Content.

Further Help

You can get further help and information through the YuJa support site:

YuJa Help: Manage Media

YuJa Help: Create and Share Playlists

Guide last updated on August 29, 2023

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