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Yuja: Publishing to the Channel for a Blackboard course

What is a YuJa channel?

YuJa channels are the main way of organising content for a specific Blackboard course.

A channel is not a folder, but a way of assigning appropriate permissions in YuJa for the staff and students on a Blackboard course (similar to a course group in Stream).

Those permissions will be updated as membership of the Blackboard course changes.

Channels are not set up automatically, but any Instructor, TA or Course Builder on a Blackboard course can very easily create one.

Channel permissions

  • All members of the Blackboard course can access any videos published to this channel (unless other restrictions are applied, for instance Display to/from dates on individual videos).
  • Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Course Builders on the course have the ability to publish videos to the channel, and to edit permissions on videos already published to the channel.

Creating a Channel Link

Before publishing any content to the Channel for your Blackboard course, you need to create the YuJa Channel for that Blackboard course.

Click on this link to open your My Media area in YuJa, and activate the Channel for this course. Once you have done that, you will be able to Publish videos to the course Channel.

Adding videos to a Channel

Any video content you create in or upload to YuJa will be stored in ‘My Media’.

When you publish a video to a channel you don’t actually move the video, you just assign permissions for the associated course.

To publish a video

  • Hover over the thumbnail for that video and select Publish.
    Screenshot showing the Publish option for a video
  • Then, from the list of courses displayed, click to select the channel(s) to which the video should be published.
    Select channel to publish to - Step 1
  • Once the correct course is listed under ‘Selected Channels’, press Select.
    Select channel to publish to - Step 2
  • A success message will be displayed.

You can also drag a video from My Media onto a Channel and it will be published to that channel.

Drag and drop a video to publish it to a channel

Publishing content as you upload it

You can also Publish to a channel at the same time as you upload content.

Please be aware that you should only do this if you happy for students to be able to see the content immediately. If you want to make edits to a video after recording (for instance if you recorded a live session) then you should make the edits before publishing to a channel.

You can upload one or more media files, and publish those files to a Channel at the same time.

Please note : you must select the desired Channel(s) before selecting the media to upload.

Click Publish to open a list of Channels where you have editing rights.

Screenshot of Publish option, when uploading media

Click the desired Chanel(s), then press Select.

Select Channel to Publish to when uploading

See Upload files to YuJa

Recording in the YuJa browser tool

When using the Browser to record, you will have to record the video, upload it to ‘My Content’, and then publish to your course channel as required.

See YuJa Browser Capture Studio.

Publishing multiple videos at once

You can select multiple videos to publish to a Channel.

And you can also bulk publish from one Channel to another (for instance when preparing for the next academic year).

See Bulk Publishing Content from a Media Channel.

Removing videos from a Channel

See the YuJa article Unpublishing media from media channels

Guide last updated on September 6, 2022

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