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Here, you will find all video content produced by the EMA Programme, including clips explaining core activities as well tutorials demonstrating new resources and functionality.

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About EMA:

Explore a series of videos providing context about the EMA programme and what it will be delivering across the university.

Programme Overview

EMA Deliverables

Student Overview


Explore a series of Tutorial videos created by EMA colleagues, in order to support the new processes and practises being introduced by the EMA programme.

New Assessment Reporting Screens (Tutorial)

New Marks Information in Tutor Cards (Tutorial)

Module Convenor Screens (Tutorial)

Student Online Extenuating Circumstances Form (Tutorial)

New RISIS Student Mark Screen (Tutorial)

New Turnaround Time Reporting (Tutorial)


Take a look at a series of interviews conducted with colleagues across the university, talking about their experiences of Electronic Management of Assessment.

Professor Gavin Brookes: Programme Sponsor

Professor Cindy Becker: Audio Feedback

Amanda Cockayne: Adapting to EMA and Marking Onscreen

Yota Dimitriadi, Daniela Standen & Rachel Wood: Moving to Blackboard Organisations for External Examiners

Symposium Presentations:

Take a look at a series of presentations delivered by colleagues at the EMA Symposium in May 2018.

Becky Jerrome: Are you EMA ready? The SAPD Experience

Geoff Taggart: Marking a Wiki with a Rubric

Calvin Smith: Spotting Crisis through RISIS

Luisa Ciampi: Crossing the Rubicon- Navigating the Change in Pre-Experience Schools

Svetlana Mazhurnaya: One button you probably did not know about- Grademark Report

Maddi Davies: Brave New World- How I Learned to Love Electronic Assessment

Rob Hosfield: eSFG- A View from the Academic Trenches