Partnership schools – you are invited to participate in Musicianship for KS1 Teachers – a free training project for KS1 classroom teachers to learn how to teach music that I am leading in the Spring and Summer terms 2023. I would like to help colleagues in our partnership schools in Reading develop confidence to teach classroom music with KS1 children.

I would like to train teams of KS1 teachers in participating schools so that colleagues can work together on developing their skills. The training is free to all colleagues, and no prior musical experience is required. The teachers will learn how to teach the KS1 Music National Curriculum by leading fun, inclusive and practical music lessons for KS1 children built around chanting and singing, movement and actions, playing classroom instruments, composing and inventing with musical sound, and learning early music notation. The training is designed for teachers to take straight into their classrooms so they can try out their new skills immediately with the children. At the end of the project we will invite all schools to attend the Institute of Education Partnership Festival at the London Road Campus to celebrate the teachers’ work.

Colleagues are also invited to participate in a research project which aims to track the impact of the training on their confidence as music teachers. Additional permission will be sought from participants about joining the research project, and teachers are welcome to attend the training without participating in the research.

Please complete this MS Form to indicate if you would like to join the project

Please reply by Friday 2nd December

Dr Rebecca Berkley       

Lecturer in Music Education; Subject Convenor BA.Ed. in Primary Education with Music Specialism; MA in Music Education pathway convenor, MA in Education