Developed by academics from the Institute of Education – Understanding Multilingual Children’s Language Development –  a new, free to join, online course is launching on Monday March 6 and is live to enrol now. 

The course was developed by a multidisciplinary group of researchers at the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism including Professor Holly Joseph and Professor Naomi Flynn from the Institute of Education, in partnership with colleagues from the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences  (PCLS).

The course has been developed with teachers and Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) in mind who want to understand more about children in schools with a heritage language other than English.
 It is ideal for those who are keen to learn and work collaboratively to transform working practices so multilingual children can reach their full potential.

An excellent CPD opportunity to develop your knowledge of how young children learn to understand and produce spoken language to help you support multilingual children in your classroom. You’ll explore the research on multilingual language development which argues for more emphasis on using heritage languages at school and reflect on the actions you can take so the multilingual children you teach can reach their full potential. 

The course is now live to enrol and will start a 6 week facilitated run starting March 6.
The course is approx. 9 hours of learning.

Register your place now on the facilitated run and you will benefit from the expert guidance, as well as opportunities to ask questions as you progress through the course.

If you are not able to join the facilitated run this time, the course will still be open to join at anytime.