At the Institute of Education we promote continued professional development through our open online courses, hosted on the social learning platform Future Learn.

These courses are free to join at anytime but at specific times throughout the year we offer facilitated runs of these courses.

Participants who join for the facilitated runs benefit from guided learning and the opportunity to ask their questions to the expert academics who designed the course.

Excellent, informative courses designed for teachers on a range of topics aimed at supporting their continued professional development are currently available.

We are currently offering facilitated runs on the below courses:

  • Supporting Successful Learning in Primary Schools (facilitated run until Monday 13 March)
    Explore the theories underlying children’s behaviour that could impact learning in school, and reflect on your own experiences in the classroom
  • Supporting Successful Learning in Secondary Schools (facilitated run until Monday 13 March)
    Explore how to support effective learning experiences in secondary schools and reflect on your own values and biases to improve your confidence and working practice
  • Teaching Climate and Sustainability in Primary Schools: An Outdoor Learning Approach (facilitated run until Sunday 26 March)
    Build your confidence teaching climate and sustainability outdoors and develop ideas to implement in your schoolFind out more about our CPD courses and how to enrol.