Here at the IoE we advocate for outdoor learning.
It offers great opportunities for children to learn more about the environment in an exciting, touchable and real way.

Last week was #outdoorclassroomday and while we would have wanted to mark the occasion and encourage taking lessons outside, weather warnings unfortunately put a stop to that. However, now the sun is (intermittently) shining on these autumn days – it is a perfect time to take your children outside and for them (and you) to enjoy and see all the beautiful colours nature has to offer at this gorgeous and transitional time of year.


(Peek some of the wonderful colours and trees featured on our London Road campus)

Autumn lends itself brilliantly as a topic starter for many different subjects whether it be science and exploring the seasons and why leaves fall? Or creating collages in art or examining English and poetry motifs and why autumn is often used as a motif for change, transition, or abundance at harvest time.

We also wanted to share the opportunity for teachers, educators or anyone that is interested, that they can  sign up  for our open online course: Teaching Climate and Sustainability to Primary School Children: An Outdoor Learning Approach. The online course details the value of using the outside as a teaching space for climate and sustainability education and how it can encourage children’s connection to the subject of nature and climate change. The course also provides support and  recommends activities teachers can offer children to complete outside to help them discover how to care for the planet. Appreciating it can be a daunting task, the course aims to build the confidence of teachers in feeling ready and able to take the classroom outside.
Sign up to the online course: How to Teach Climate and Sustainability to Primary School Learners – FutureLearn
The course is free to access for the 2 weeks it takes to complete. When signing up you will need to register for the ‘free limited access’ option.