At the beginning of the month, our wonderful, free, children’s choir Universal Voices hosted a celebration launch event of their new e-book of family and community songs called Singing Communities!

Universal Voices is a free community choir open to all boys and girls in school years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (7-11 years old) in the Reading area.
In 2022-23, Universal Voices were generously funded by John Sykes Foundation to create an e-book of family and community songs called Singing Communities.
The children in the choir learned songs from elder members of their families and collected songs in many different languages.
The project funding also supported students from the Typography department, who designed the e-book and were part of the Typography Department’s Real Jobs scheme. The funding was also able to employ University students to work as project’s administrators

At the launch event children, parents and students all enjoyed singing the songs together in a variety of different languages, including German, Dutch, Hindi and Vietnamese.


To receive your own free digital copy please complete the Universal Voice- E-Book Request Form