Normalising LGBTQ+ conversations project

We are looking to recruit up to 12 local primary schools to participate in a project where teachers and parents work together to look at ways to bring LGBTQ+ conversations into school and the home in an age-appropriate way. Details of the work undertaken as part of previous projects can be found here –

We are currently applying for funding now and if successful, the project will run from April to July 2024. The project is being led by Prof Rebecca Harris and Dr Maria Kambouri, from the Institute of Education, at the University of Reading.

What is the project about?

The project aims to work with teachers and parents to share experiences and concerns about discussing issues related to LGBTQ+ topics, and to develop materials that teachers and/or parents could use to address these issues in an age-appropriate manner. The materials would be used to engage all children with LGBTQ+ issues, not just those who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their identity.

What will the project involve?

We are looking for two teachers and two-four parents from each participating school to take part. The project would involve two workshops, each of which will be two hours long. The first workshop explores the issues and concerns, and the second would involve working together to create resources that schools and parents can use, and which will be hosted on the project website. A final event would be used to share the resources with other teachers and parents.

The timings and location of the workshops would be confirmed once schools have been recruited. Supply cover for teachers would be provided.

To take part or ask any queries:

Please email Rebecca at or Maria at