Turnitin: What file types can I submit?

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Be sure the file you are submitting in your submission will be accepted by Turnitin.

File types

Normally, Turnitin Assignments are set to generate a Similarity Report. In which case, only the following file formats can be submitted:

  • Microsoft Word (doc / docx)
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx, ppt, ppsx, and pps) – If your slide Notes are part of the assessment you may need to export to PDF
  • Microsoft Excel (xls and xlsx)
  • OpenOffice Text (odt)
  • Google Docs via Google Drive only (Gdoc files are not accepted)
  • WordPerfect (wpd)
  • PostScript (ps/eps)
  • HTML
  • Rich text format (rtf)
  • Plain text (txt)
  • Hangul Word Processor file (hwp)

The following file types are NOT accepted:

  • Microsoft Works (wps) file types
  • Apple Pages file types
  • Spreadsheets created outside of Microsoft Excel (e.g. ods)
  • PDF files of images, or PDF files which do not contain selectable text (i.e. a scanned file that is simply an image of text, cannot be uploaded.)

Please note that even some of the file types listed above as acceptable can sometimes be problematic. For instance:

  • You should avoid using Word Art or Text boxes in your Word documents
  • Files created entirely online using Microsoft Office 365 may be rejected.
  • If in doubt, please use the option within your software package to save the work as a PDF before submitting to Turnitin.

Allow any file type: In some cases, your tutor may set up the Turnitin Assignment to allow any file type to be submitted. But please check the instructions provided by your lecturer – you may be required to use a specific file format.

File size

  • There is a 100Mb limit on the size of files which you can submit to Turnitin: see our guidance on reducing file size.
  • Documents must have fewer than 800 pages.

Please check this Turnitin guide for the latest information on file formats and exceptions: Feedback Studio – File Requirements

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