Blackboard Collaborate: Accessing Recorded Sessions

If your Collaborate session was recorded from your Blackboard course, then once the recording has been processed, it will be available from the Collaborate area of that course.

The Blackboard Collaborate Ultra screen

Click on the Menu button (three horizontal lines), top left, to switch from Sessions to Recordings.

Top left Hamburger menu in the Collaborate page, when opened clicking 'recordings'


After ending a session recording, it needs to be processed before it will appear in the list of Recordings. Depending on the length of the recording this can take a little time (e.g. up to a couple of hours).

The default under ‘Show Recent Recordings’ is to show any recordings made in the last week.

List of recordings in Collaborate

To view older recordings, click where it says ‘Show Recent Recordings’ to reveal the menu and select ‘Show Recordings In A Range’. You can then specify the start and end dates you want to search.

Show recordings drop down menu options

You can also search for recordings by keyword used in the name given to the recording. Click the ‘Search Sessions’ button (magnifying glass icon) in the top right of the Recording page.


Watch a recording

Click the title of a recording or the Watch Now option to open a recording.

Three dot menu higlighted, opening Watch Now link

The recording loads in a new window.

Note: It might take a little while for the recording to load.

Broken circle showing item is loading

Once loaded. Click the Play button to watch the recording.

Note: Only video, audio and whiteboard content is recorded. Chat is not captured in the recording.

Loaded video with play button symbol

If Allow Download Recording has been enabled, anyone with access to the recording can also download recordings when watching it.

To do this, click on the Open Recording Menu button, in the top left of the screen.

Click Download Recording.

Recordings are downloaded as MP4 files.

Hamburger menu to download recordings

When playing the recording, controls appear at the bottom of the screen.

Highlighting the control functions in the playing video


Recorded sessions – legal guidance

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