Here you’ll find a list of known issues and ongoing problems with Blackboard Learn and related Services and tools.

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Known Issues & Ongoing Problems Status

Empty file submitted to Blackboard Assignment if using Microsoft Edge and opening the file while submitting

Files selected for Assignment submissions and Course Content become replaced with an empty file if a user of Microsoft Windows 10 and the Edge browser has opened and closed the file after selection and before submission.

Resolution/Workaround: Workaround #1:

  • Do not open the source file after selecting it for upload into Blackboard Learn. Users should be advised to open files for inspection before accessing the area to which they wish to upload the file.

Workaround #2:

  • Use different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Blog Entry fails to save when Using Embedded Images

When making a blog post you might experience an issue saving your post if there is an embedded image in it. If you receive this message: “Failed to Save Blog Entry, Please Try Again.”, please click on Submit again anyway.

As a result, 2 posts will be made, one of which will be the correct post you wanted to make and then second on will have the embedded image corrupted.

Please delete the post with the corrupted image if this happens.

Target Release: Future Reference
Patch Available: No



Resolved Issues & Problems Status

Table of contents is misaligned in Blackboard Learn Learning Modules

UPDATE: The issue is now resolved ORIGINAL TEXT: The Table of Contents in a Learning Module overlaps slightly with the content on the page. As a workaround for the time being, please move the Table of Contents by clicking the “Move to the bottom” button in the side panel. Move to the Bottom button

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