Here you’ll find a list of known issues and ongoing problems with Blackboard Learn and related Services and tools.

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Known issues

Please click on the title of an issue to see further information about it.

Blackboard Collaborate UltraStatus
Issue: Users in China unable to join Collaborate
Information: Blackboard report variations in quality between the main internet providers in China. Among the top three telecommunication carriers in China, users with China Unicom have the best performance with Collaborate, and then China Mobile. Users with China Telecom can experience problems accessing and/or reconnecting issues.
Solution: Please consider switching to a different Internet Service Provider or request your Lecturer to switch lectures to Microsoft Teams if possible.
Issue: Audio breaking up and cracking when using Mac OS “Big Sur” or “Catalina” and Safari 14
Information: When using Mac OS “Big Sur” 11.0 or “Catalina” 10.15 and Safari 14 with Collaborate Ultra the audio a user hears is breaking up or cracking.
Affected Platforms
Mac OS “Big Sur” 11.0 and Safari 14
Mac OS “Catalina” 11.0 and Safari 14
Solution: If Safari 14 is installed on your computer, please plan on using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Collaborate Ultra sessions.
Issue: Collaborate not Loading
Information: Purple wheel keeps spinning for longer than usual.
Solution: Please ensure “Third Party Cookies” are allowed in your browser settings and if you are using Safari please also ensure “Prevent cross-site tracking” is disabled.
Issue: Unable to join sessions using Chromebook devices

Information: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will not support versions of Google Chrome below version 79 – see Collaborate Ultra supported browsers. Chromebook devices running Chrome version 78 or earlier will be presented with an error when attempting to join a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session.

Solution: Please update your browser to the latest Chrome version. If you are unable to update Chrome, you may be able to install an alternate browser from the Google Play Store:
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox (requires a touch-screen device)

Old browsers no longer supported

Microsoft StreamStatus

Blackboard and TurnitinStatus
Turnitin – Microsoft files generated using Windows can occasionally fail to process when uploaded to Turnitin
Microsoft files generated using Windows, including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps files, can occasionally fail to process when uploaded to Turnitin. Files created using other operating systems are unaffected.
Convert your file to a PDF before attempting to upload it to Turnitin. This ensures it is in a format we can process gracefully and without any problems. Find out more here
Unable to use Blackboard mobile app on iOS devices

The most recent mobile app update (16th November 2020) means that when you log in on an iOS device, you are shown a browser view of Blackboard, not the normal app view.

Resolved 20th November: update your Blackboard app.

Empty file submitted to Blackboard Assignment if using Microsoft Edge and opening the file while submitting

Files selected for Assignment submissions and Course Content become replaced with an empty file if a user of Microsoft Windows 10 and the Edge browser has opened and closed the file after selection and before submission.

Resolution/Workaround: Workaround #1:

  • Do not open the source file after selecting it for upload into Blackboard Learn. Users should be advised to open files for inspection before accessing the area to which they wish to upload the file.

Workaround #2:

  • Use different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
Turnitin Error 124

You may see this error when trying to open feedback on a Turnitin assignment from ‘My Marks and Feedback’.

Error 124: Object ID missing or invalid.

The error occurs when Turnitin and Blackboard have not synchronised correctly.


  • Go directly to the Turnitin Assignment and click on View/Complete (as you did when you submitted your work). See Turnitin: View marks and feedback.
  • Please also notify your Programme Administrator. They can easily resolve the 124 error, but won’t be aware of it unless you tell them.
PDFs opened from Blackboard appear to be blank

Sometimes when you click on a link in Blackboard to a PDF, the file opens in the browser, but only the first page is visible, and the other pages appear to be blank.

Only first page of PDF displays in browser

This is a browser issue, not specifically related to Blackboard.

Workaround: Download the file and then open it

  • Right-click on the link and select Save link as (or ‘Save target as’)Save PDF As dialog box
  • Save the file to a suitable location e.g. your Downloads folder.
  • Open the file. It will probably still open in your internet browser, but should now display correctly.
  • If it still does not display correctly, open Adobe Acrobat and then open the PDF from inside Acrobat.


Is the issue you’re experiencing not listed? Please email CQSD TEL at and we will follow up with you.