Blackboard Assignment: Add summary feedback to an Assignment

Entering your feedback

When you have a Blackboard assignment open, you will see there is a discreet arrow below the light blue grade attempt field. Click on this to expand the ‘grading panel’ to provide summary feedback.

Show/Hide Grading Panel

In the grading panel you will see:

  1. The FEEDBACK TO LEARNER field where you can type general feedback comments.
  2. Add Notes. Click this to open the GRADING NOTES – PRIVATE field. This lets you add comments which will be visible only to you and other markers on the course.

Feedback to Learner Panel

Click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Submit’ to save the feedback once you’ve finished marking the entire paper.

Editing Options

Feedback to learner with editing options

  1. Attach file
    This brings up the standard options for uploading / inserting a file.
  2. Spellcheck
    Choose if you would like to have spellcheck on. Click on the down arrow to select UK/US English or Spanish.
    Feedback to learner Language options
  3. Full Content Editor
    Click this button to open the content editor with the full editing toolbar to format your text.
    When done, press Submit to return to the main marking screen.

Blackboard assignment - feedback to learner


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Adding Private Grading Notes

The text entered in this box will only be visible to you and any other markers and instructors on the course who look at this attempt.


Click on the Add Notes link to open the GRADING NOTES – PRIVATE field. It has the same editing options as the FEEDBACK TO LEANER field.

Feedback to learner, add notes

Feedback to learner, private grading notes field.


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