Getting Ready for the New Year

Welcome to the new academic year!

Please ensure your Blackboard course is ready for the new academic year, and is accessible to your students, by referring to the checklist below.

If you are a new member of staff, please view our New Staff Checklist in addition to the points below.

How and when are students enrolled on courses?
Enrol other staff delivering the course
Make your courses available to students
Review your Blackboard course menus
Update any Reading Lists
Review your material using the Blackboard Ally tool
Make ‘My Grades’ link available to students
Sign up for Online Marking Training: Blackboard Assignment / Turnitin Assignment
Make tests available to students
Adjust the availability and dates of content and assignments
What to do with your courses from previous years
Contact your local administrator to adjust School Portal pages

Helping Your Students

There are a number of resources you can use to help orientate your students to Blackboard ahead of any assessment.  The following power points could be used in your first lecture of the course, or when you discuss the assignment.  These help new students understand the difference between Blackboard and Turnitin submitted assignments, and remind returning students which type of assignment they can expect to be using in your course.


Blackboard Student Orientation Video Thumbnail for Blackboard Student Video
Blackboard Student Induction Powerpoint Student Introduction to Blackboard powerpoint front page.
Turnitin Student Induction Powerpoint
Blackboard Assignment Student Induction Powerpoint Blackboard Assignment Powerpoint front slide

Student Guides

There are a range of student help guides on the Blackboard Help (student) tab. Common questions are covered in the selection below:

Student Guide: Viewing marks and feedback in a Turnitin assignment
Student Guide: Viewing marks and feedback in a Blackboard assignment
Student Guide: How to use feedback effectively


What if you need further help?

If you have a Blackboard or Turnitin query, or need to contact the TEL team, please log a ticket on the IT Self Service Portal or email with full details. This will ensure your query is addressed by an appropriate person as promptly as possible.