Mode of Submission: Presentation (Individual) – Turnitin Assignment

Type of Submission Mode of submission to select in RISIS What’s provisioned on Blackboard Channel for feedback Mark Entry
Presentation (Individual) Turnitin presentation/ performance Weighted Column Electronic Feedback via Turnitin Assignment Turnitin

Use this option if

  • the presentation has a single due date
  • marks and feedback are to be provided via Turnitin Feedback Studio
  • marks and feedback are to be provided via the Turnitin App
  • similarity checking of a submitted file is required

If the Marker wishes to use Turnitin to provide marks and feedback, the Student can be required to submit a file e.g. a PowerPoint presentation or coversheet.
However Turnitin can be used to provide feedback even where no file has been submitted.


Anonymous marking not supported.


Further guidance

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