Turnitin iPad app: Marking Assignments


The Turnitin App allows you to mark away from the computer, with the ability to download individual assignments for marking offline.  This could be of interest if you are marking whilst commuting or travelling for work.

The app features:

  • Offline marking
  • Speech to text (iPad keyboard)
  • Easily record Voice Comment
  • Equivalent marking features to desktop version
  • Suitable for individual markers

Add a class

Once you have set up the App on your iPad, you can add your classes by generating a code emailed to you from the desktop version.

Add a class in Turnitin App

Tap for Blackboard courses

Once you have done this, you can see the list of Turnitin courses > List of assignments.

List of assignments

The Assignment Inbox

A view of the App's Assignment inbox

Download individual papers for offline marking.

Downloading Papers

Click a paper to mark it.  You have the same functionality as the desktop based Feedback Studio – note the tool bar is a long the top not side.

Marking in the iPad App

The Similarity Report

Tap ‘Simlarity’ to switch on the report and see the match summary.  You can see the break down of sources the paper has highlighted.

Similarity report menu

Click on the source to bring up more information.

Similarity report more information

Syncing Papers

Changes are sync’d every 5 minutes, when you are connected to the Internet. If you have been working Offline, changes are sync’d automatically when the iPad re-connects to the Internet.

To sync marked papers on demand, click Classes page > Menu icon

Classes page, menu icon highlighted

Click Sync Now

Sync now button

Helpful tip!
When you have finished your batch of marking you can Log Out.
Log out menu option

This will clear all the data so remember to Sync your papers beforehand.




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