EMA Integration: Blackboard Tests

Important information!Blackboard Tests for 2019-20 are now included in the EMA Integration, following software enhancements from Blackboard.

Where Blackboard Test is set as the Mode of Submission in RISIS, the integration will create a Weighted Total column, which can be mapped to one or more Blackboard tests as appropriate.

Ideally, the Points Possible in RISIS will match the Points Possible in Blackboard. However if the Points Possible for the Test does change in Blackboard – for instance if the academic adds or removes questions – the Integration can now cope with that. See Changing the Points Possible for a Weighted Total column.


To map the Weighted Total column

  1. Locate the Weighted Total column for this assessment.
    The name for this column will take the format [IC] Module code-occurrence letter – RISIS Assessment Title
    e.g. [IC] MM1F12-A – CLASS TEST 1
  2. From the contextual menu select Edit Column Information.

Example Turnitin Weighted Total Column - Edit Column

  1. Select the Blackboard Test in the left hand column, and use the arrow icon to move it to ‘Selected Columns’ on the right.

screen show of weighted column page with column selected.

  1. Enter 100 in the % box

Screen shot of weighted column screen with column selected and weighting added.

  1. Leave ‘Calculate as running total’ to Yes.
Helpful tip!

This setting is counter-intuitive, but it means that students who have not (yet) submitted are shown with no mark in the Grade Centre. If you say No to ‘Calculate as running total’ non-submitters will show a mark of 0 and this incorrect mark will be passed to RISIS.
  1. Press Submit.

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