EMA Integration: Changing the Points Possible for a Weighted Total column

Helpful tip!


For a RISIS Mode of Submission which creates a Weighted Total column in Blackboard i.e.

any Mode of Submission employing a Turnitin assignment: 
Electronic Document (Individual)
Digital Submission
Presentation (Individual) – Turnitin
Duplicate submission (Turnitin)
Physical Entity Submission

also Discussion forum, Flexible assessmentMultipart submission, Other.

The Module has been flagged as Ready in RISIS, the Integration has run and a Weighted Total column has been created in Blackboard.

It is discovered that the Points Possible specified in RISIS is incorrect.

This article outlines the procedures for updating the information, in such a way that it will subsequently be possible to transfer marks from Blackboard back to RISIS.


Step Who is responsible System Action to take
1 Programme Administrator TopDesk Log a ticket with it@reading.ac.uk giving full details of the module, assessment and what needs to be changed.
2  EMA/Exams team RISIS
  1. Carry out required tasks in RISIS:
  • Remove ‘Ready for Integration’ flag from the MAV (module) record.
  • Create new RISIS assessment (MAB record with new sequence number).
  1. Contact Programme Administrator when done.
3 Programme Administrator RISIS
  1. Edit the new assessment in RISIS – ensure correct details are entered, including all mandatory fields.
  2. Reapply the ‘Ready for Integration’ flag:
  • go to Working with Modules > Modules Data>Flag sub-modular assessment as ready to transfer to Blackboard
  • Retrieve the relevant module
  • Tick the check-box in the Ready column
  • Click Save
4 IT (automatic process) Bus RISIS-Blackboard integration runs with correct details.
5 Programme Administrator Blackboard
  1. Check that IC Weighted column has been created correctly in Blackboard
  2. Inform EMA/Exams team
6  EMA/Exams team RISIS
  1. Carry out required tasks in RISIS:
  • Delete the invalid RISIS assessment (MAB record)
  • Delete RISIS SMR record (this also deletes all SAT records)
  • Rerun SAS 1B to create new SAT records
  1. Contact Programme Administrator when done
7 Programme Administrator Blackboard
  1. Delete the old, invalid IC Weighted Total column for this assessment.
  2. If necessary edit the Points Possible for any Turnitin assignments or other submission points mapped to this column.
  3. Map the new IC Weighted Total column to the relevant submission point(s).
  4. If applicable, re-approve marks for this Weighted Total column to be extracted from Blackboard to RISIS.

If any of this applies to you please log a ticket with it@reading.ac.uk before doing anything!