EMA Integration: Blackboard Discussion Forum

This guide is relevant to the following Mode of Submission: Blackboard discussion forum

Set up Discussion Forum

Important information!
Setting up Discussion Forums is normally the academic’s responsibility.

1.    In the Assessment area, click on Tools > Discussion Board.

Using the Tools menu, Discussion Board option in a content area

2.    Click Create New Forum.

Create new forum option in the Create link page

3.    Provide a name.

4.    Under FORUM SETTINGS, select Grade Discussion Forum.
Then enter Points Possible = 100, and the Due Date & Time.

Highlighting the forum settings, grade discussion board and due date

5.    If required set Display After and Display Until dates.

Availability, date and time restrictions.

6.    You will be returned to the CREATE LINK: DISCUSSION FORUM page. Select the Forum you have just created, and press Next.

Create discussion board link page, link to new forum

7.    Press Submit.

Configure the Grade Centre column

Important information!
Integration will have created a Weighted Total column. This needs to be mapped to the Discussion Forum.

1.    Go to Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

2.    Locate the Weighted Total column for this assessment.

3.    From the contextual menu select Edit Column Information.

4.    Select the Discussion Forum in the left hand column, and use the arrow icon to move it to ‘Selected Columns’ on the right.

selecting the discussion board forum for the weighted column weighting

5.    Enter 100 in the % box, and Submit.

Making the weighting 100 per cent in the weighted column