EMA Integration: Blackboard Discussion Forum

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This guide is relevant to the following Mode of Submission: Blackboard discussion forum.

The information here applies specifically to Discussion Forums which are being used for summative assessment, and created via the EMA Integration.

What will the EMA Integration create?

  1. A Forum within your course Discussion Board.This will be named using the format [IC] module code – assessment title
    e.g. [IC] LS3EIW-A – Research project participationThe due date will be as specified in RISIS.
    The ‘Available from’ date will be set as 4 weeks before the due date, but this can be edited if required.
  2. A link to this Forum from the ‘Assessment’ area of your course.Link to an assessed Discussion Board
  3. A corresponding Grade Centre column.


What actions do staff need to take?


It will normally be your responsibility to add any instructions for the students.

To do this, go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Discussion Board. Locate the [IC] Forum and choose Edit from the contextual menu.

There may be other settings here you wish to edit e.g.

  • how often do you want Forum posts to appear in ‘Needs Marking’? This may depend on whether you are providing formative feedback before the final submission date.Forum settings - Needs Marking
  • what options do you want students to have in the way of subscribing to the discussion forum, or editing posts?Forum settings - edit and subscribe
Important information!When you add instructions to the Forum itself, those don't display on the link in the 'Assessment' area. You may decide to copy and paste the same instructions into that link.


It will normally be your responsibility to add a Rubric, if applicable.

When marking is complete, you will need to ensure that the Grade Centre column is revealed to students via My Marks and Feedback, and then to send the marks to RISIS.