EMA Integration: Blackboard Journals

This guide is relevant to the following Mode of Submission: Blackboard Journal

Integration creates a Weighted Total Column in the Grade Centre.

This can be mapped to the Grade Centre column for any assessed journals on the course.

Steps in managing an assessed Journal

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The module convenor and programme administrator should agree who will create the Journal, and in which area of the course. This should be the ‘Assessment’ area, unless there are compelling reasons for placing it elsewhere.
  • Providing instructions for the Journal is the academic’s responsibility.
  • Likewise agreeing on optional settings such as ‘Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries’, and choosing the setting for ‘Show participants in “needs marking” status’ (i.e. deciding if students should appear in Needs Marking every time they make a new Journal post, or less frequently).
  • Programme Administrators should ensure that the correct assessment settings are applied  to the Journal and associated Grade Centre column.

For more, see Blackboard Blogs and Journals


See also Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis: editing settings applied by EMA Integration.

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