EMA Integration FAQ: How do I flag a module as ready in RISIS?

Please check the guidance available within the RISIS web portal – see the RISIS Guides page if you’re unsure how to access that guidance.

The integration will only run for modules which have been flagged as ready by an administrator in RISIS .

To do this, in RISIS go to Working with Modules > Modules Data > Flag Sub-modular assessment as ready for transfer to Blackboard.

Please note

  • You flag a module as ready, not individual assessments.
  • Once a module has been flagged as ready, any assessments which have all the required information in RISIS (e.g. due date and mode of submission) will be passed to Blackboard.
  • If a module has been flagged as ready, but one of the assessments is still lacking some essential information, nothing will be created in Blackboard for that particular assessment.
    See What if I don’t yet have all the required information for an assessment?

Page last updated on January 8, 2019 by andyturner

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