EMA Integration FAQ: What will the Integration create in Blackboard?

There are 24 different Modes of Submission defined in RISIS. You can see the full list, with details of what the integration will create, on our Modes of Submission page.

In most cases, integration creates only a column in the Grade Centre. For example, if Turnitin is selected as the Mode of Submission, the integration will create a Weighted Total column. Programme administrators will map this to the relevant Turnitin assignment in Blackboard, so that marks can later be transferred back to RISIS.

Submission points created by the Integration

In a few cases, the integration creates not only a Grade Centre column, but the submission point itself. This applies to

These will always be created in the ‘Assessment’ area of the relevant Blackboard course, and should not be moved to any other course area.

Grade Centre columns created by the Integration

Any columns created by the Integration are named using a consistent format:
[IC] Module code-occurrence letter – RISIS Assessment Title
e.g. [IC] MM1F12-A – Essay 2

This applies whether the column is for

  • a Blackboard assignment, blog, journal or wiki – where the integration has created a submission point as well as a Grade Centre column
  • a Weighted Total column
  • a Manual Column

In most cases, you will never need to show these columns to students. However please check Should Integrated Columns be shown to students? for further details.


Helpful tip!

The top row of the Grade Centre should display as shown below - you should be able to see the whole of the assessment name.

Example Integrated Columns

If the top row still displays just the start of the assessment name as shown below you need to clear your browser cache.

Old Grade Centre row header display


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