Internal Moderation: Blackboard – named marking and moderation outside 15 working

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The table below indicates key processes when doing internal moderation of Blackboard assignments when using named marking and moderation outside 15 working days. If you require more information or guidance on any step of the process, click the link within that step see a more detailed guide.

Note: some steps may be done by different roles depending on exact moderation process within your School or Department.

Key to roles:

FM First Marker
IM Internal Moderator
PA Programme Administrator




1. FM Mark and feedback student work

After 15 working days

2. PA Reveal grades to students by un-hiding the column in the Grade Centre
3. FM, IM or PA Select work that needs moderating and record on the moderation form with student name and attempt ID (according to your school/dept process)
4. FM, PA Email moderation form to internal moderator
5. IM Record details of moderated papers onto the moderation form
  • Sort and Find work for moderation in the Grade Centre
  • If changing marks; record on the moderation form and email back to first marker
  • Agree final marks using dept/school process
  • Update moderation form with agreed final marks
6. IM Apply grade changes in Blackboard Grade Centre (if required)
7. IM Email finalised moderation form to Programme Admin Team
8. PA Update any revised grades in RISIS
  • Create moderation smart view for moderated work
  • Upload moderation form to Blackboard course and/or External Examiner organization (depending on school/dept process)

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