Internal Moderation: Turnitin Anonymous Moderation – markers moderate each other’s work

This is common in the School of Literature and Languages on modules with large student cohorts and a large number of markers, and may apply elsewhere in the University.

Marking and Moderation are conducted anonymously, using Turnitin.

Each marker is allocated a group of papers to mark (there may be up to 8 markers, each marking 20-30 papers).

Once marking is complete, marker A moderates a sample of the papers marked by marker B, and so on.

The process for achieving this is as follows:

  1. Set up a Group Set > Random Enrol, with one group per marker. Students will be randomly assigned to a group.
  2. Markers filter the Turnitin assignment inbox by Group, to find and mark the papers allocated to them.
  3. Markers use a spreadsheet/form to record the Paper ID and grade for each paper they mark.
  4. Once complete, the spreadsheet/form is forwarded to the person moderating their sample.
  5. Moderators use that spreadsheet/form to identify the moderation sample.
  6. Moderators can then access the required papers via the assignment inbox, using the search and filter facilities to locate individual papers.
  7. For each paper moderated, the moderator records their comments and mark on the spreadsheet/form.
  8. The moderator and first marker follow the School’s procedures to agree a final mark, and record this in the moderation spreadsheet/form.
  9. If marks need to be changed as a result of the moderation process, the moderator and marker agree which of them will make this change in Turnitin.
  10. The agreed member of staff applies any changes directly in Turnitin:
  • locate and open the relevant student attempts from the Assignment Inbox
  • edit the grade in the Feedback Studio
  1. Moderator emails the moderation spreadsheet/form to the programme admin team.
  2. Individual moderation sheets can be collated by the Programme Administrator into one Excel file / Word document, for use as a moderation report for the assignment as a whole.


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