EMA Integration: Changing the Points Possible for a Blackboard Assignment

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For a RISIS Mode of Submission which creates a Blackboard Assignment in Blackboard i.e.

Electronic Document (Individual – Blackboard)
Electronic Document (Group Work)
Presentation (Individual) – Blackboard
Presentation (Group)
Duplicate submission (Blackboard)

The Module has been flagged as Ready in RISIS, the Integration has run and a Weighted Total column has been created in Blackboard.

It is discovered that the Points Possible specified in RISIS is incorrect.

This article outlines the procedures for updating the information, in such a way that it will subsequently be possible to transfer marks from Blackboard back to RISIS.

Enhanced Grades Journey – from September 2019

  1. Change the Points Possible in RISIS.
  2. When the Integration runs, the Points Possible for the assignment and Grade Centre column in Blackboard will be updated.

Enhanced Grades Journey – summary of the changes

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