EMA Integration: Changing the Points Possible for a manual column

Helpful tip!


For a RISIS Mode of Submission which creates a manual column in the Blackboard Grade Centre i.e.

Presentation (Uploaded or Verbal feedback)

Physical Entity Submission (Non-electronic)

The Module has been flagged as Ready in RISIS, the Integration has run and a manual column has been created in Blackboard.

It is discovered that the Points Possible specified in RISIS is incorrect.

This article outlines the procedures for updating the information, in such a way that it will subsequently be possible to transfer marks from Blackboard back to RISIS.


Step Who is responsible System Action to take
1 Programme Administrator Blackboard Update the Blackboard manual column points possible value:

  • go to the Grade Centre in the course
  • choose Edit Column
  • enter the correct points possible value
2 Programme Administrator RISIS Update the RISIS assessment points possible value:

  • locate the module and assessment in RISIS
  • edit the assessment and enter the correct points possible value
Programme Administrator Blackboard If marks have already been entered for this assignment

Check with the Module Convenor: are the marks entered in the Grade Centre consistent with the new, correct points possible value?

  • if Yes – no need to alter the marks in Blackboard
  • if No – email  it@reading.ac.uk for advice on how to proceed
4 Programme Administrator RISIS / Blackboard If marks need have already been Approved and sent to RISIS

  • in RISIS: delete the marks
  • then, in Blackboard: re-approve marks for this assignment to be extracted from Blackboard to RISIS.

If you are at all unsure about any of these steps, please log a ticket with it@reading.ac.uk before doing anything!