Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis: editing settings applied by EMA Integration

Settings applied by the EMA Integration

If you are managing a module where assessment is delivered via a Blackboard BlogBlackboard Journal or Blackboard Wiki

  1. the programme administrator will set this up as the Mode of Submission in RISIS
  2. the EMA Integration will then create a Blackboard Blog, Journal or Wiki in the relevant Blackboard course, and apply certain settings automatically.

The Integration rules apply the following settings:

  1. Mark Journal = Yes (i.e. this will be graded, and a column will be created Grade Centre)
  2. Points Possible = Points possible specified in RISIS.
  3. Due Date = Due date and time specified in RISIS.
  4. Display After date and time =  due date-time as set in RISIS, minus 4 calendar weeks.
  5. Display Until date and time =  due date-time as set in RISIS.

If settings 1-3 are incorrect, then the administrator will change these in RISIS, and the integration will update Blackboard.

Settings 4 and 5 can be changed as desired in Blackboard.

You may, for example, need to change the ‘Display After’ date, to allow students to start posting Journal entries more than 4 weeks before the due date.
Or you may wish to change the ‘Display Until’ date, to allow late submissions.

Assessed Journal: Example

An assessment is set up in RISIS, where the Mode of Submission = Blackboard Journal.

The Due Date is 22nd January 2020 at 16:00.

The Integration creates a Journal in Blackboard with these settings

  • Display After: 02 January 2020 16:00.
  • Display Until: 22 January 2020 16:00.
  • Due Date: 22 January 2020 16:00.

Integration also creates a link to the Journal in the ‘Assessment’ area of the course – this is how students will access the Journal.

If you go to this link and select Edit, you will see that the same Display After/Until dates have been applied. If the Display After date has not yet been reached, the link will not be visible to students.

Blackboard Journal - hidden from students

Blackboard Journal – hidden from students

Changing the settings for a Blog, Journal or Wiki

Caution!Settings for Blogs, Journals and Wikis are applied via Control Panel > Course Tools. 
But changing the dates here DO NOT change the availability of the link to the Blog, Journal or Wiki which students see in the Assessment area.

1. Changing settings via the Control Panel

Important information!The example below uses a Blackboard Journal, but the same rules apply also to Blogs and Wikis.

Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Journal.

Locate the Journal – its name will be prefixed with [IC] – and select Edit.

Screenshot showing how to edit Journal settings

Edit Journal settings


Important information!Entering instructions is the academic's responsibility.

These instructions will be visible to students each time they access the Journal to post a new entry.


Important information!Applying these settings is the administrator's responsibility.

There is no need to edit the Journal Availability.

Use the calendar and clock icons to set the appropriate Display After and Display Until date and time.

Screenshot showing how to set Journal availability

Set Journal availability

Caution!Any changes you apply here will need to be replicated in the link which students see in the Assessment area.

2. Changing settings on the link to the Journal

Locate the Journal link in the Assessments area of the course.

From the contextual menu select Edit.

Screenshot showing how to edit details of the link to a Journal

Optionally you can add descriptive Text here – this is separate to the instructions which are visible once a student has clicked on this link to enter the Journal.

If you have changed the availability dates via the Control Panel, you should replicate those changes here.

Helpful tip!
This is especially important if you have brought the Display After date forward - unless you also edit the dates on this link, students still won't be able to access the Journal.

On the other hand, if the Display After date on the Journal is now later than that on the link, students will be able to see the link, but get an error message when they click on it.

Journal not available - screenshot of the error message shown to students

Journal not available - error message shown to students