Mode of Submission: Blackboard Blog

Type of Submission Mode of submission to select in RISIS What’s provisioned on Blackboard Channel for feedback Mark Entry
Blackboard Blog Blackboard blog Weighted Total Column Blackboard Blackboard

Students are assessed on work created using the Blackboard Blog tool.

Anonymous marking not possible.

Change for 2021/22: the integration will now create a Weighted Total Column, rather than a Blackboard Blog.

Further guidance

Blackboard Blogs and Journals

EMA Integration: Blackboard Blogs

Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis: editing settings applied by EMA Integration

Blackboard Blog: Marking and feedback (Blackboard Help site)



Please note: a Blackboard Blog is always visible to other students on the course.

If you want students' posts to be private, you need to specify the RISIS Mode of Submission as Journal rather than Blog.

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