Blackboard Collaborate: Using Polls

One way to allow participants to interact with your session is to use polls. This allows you to gauge participants reactions to questions.


Set up a Poll

In the Share Content Area, use the Poll feature to present options and get feedback from participants.

 Polls can be set up whilst the session is running, but not pre-loaded with choices or set up before the session.

You may want to consider using a Power Point slide with the options on at the correct point in your session, to make the poll quick to set up using the 'blank' poll options.

In the Share content menu, showing where the Polling function is located.

There is an option for a Yes/No poll or an editable Multiple Choice poll.

  1. Type the question
  2. Edit the choices
  3. Add the number of options on the poll

Showing steps 1, 2 and 3 in the poll set up area.

You can also remove any unnecessary choices using the refuse bin button.

Showing how to delete the extra choice listed in the poll set up.

Deploy a Poll

You can then deploy your test and share the options with participants. Click Start

Highlighting the Start button at the bottom of the Poll set up area.

Participants see and click their option. This records on your poll view with a number and bar indication. The number of people still to vote is shown in the No Response Bar.

You and participants can minimise the poll to be able to read choices on the screen using the poll button which displays when polls are active.

Minimising the poll does not close the Poll for everyone. You will need to select the stop button to finish the poll completely, as shown below.

The extra poll button appears to minimise the poll in the main Collaborate area.


End the Poll

When you are satisfied that everyone has voted you can then lock the poll and share the results using the Show Responses button.

The poll can be closed using the stop symbol, another created or the session continued.

Show Responses button which locks the poll and the Stop button which ends it.

Page last updated on August 14, 2020 by Peter Moll

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